5D Spectrum Launches a Website for FunbookCo! Preserve your memories!

5D Spectrum launched the website for FunbookCo to help people preserve their memories through photo books.

5D Spectrum developed a website for FunbookCo. and launched it in August 2013. The website was built on the powerful WordPress CMS (Content Management System) platform. Using WordPress to build their website, FunbookCo. has the ability to manage their website without the help of professional website developers. They can display different packages and pricing for their custom memory books and customers can upload their photos to start preserving their memories.

FunbookCo. designs and prints custom memory books for your organization using your photos—the perfect way to preserve your memories! Some of the things they can help you do are:

  • Plan your program: fundraising, timeline
  • Train your coordinator to manage the process
  • Assist with advertising
  • Manage your photos and content
  • Create a design that’s right for you
  • Decide on small and large quantities

For more information about FunbookCo. and how to preserve your memories, visit their website at: funbookco.com