5D Spectrum Launches Jammit.com!


Jammit™ (www.jammit.com) is the first music software that isolates individual audio tracks from the original multi-track master recordings and synchronizes each track with complete precision. Musicians can now play or sing their favorite song exactly the way the artist did, with the only 100% accurate transcription. Jammit users can isolate, loop, and vary the speed of individual instruments and vocals within the dense mix of a song without affecting the pitch.

Traditional sheet music does not accurately represent the many individual tracks and instruments of recorded music. Multi-layered instruments and subtleties buried in the mix make it virtually impossible to achieve precise notation. Jammit produces exact transcriptions by isolating the tracks from the original master recordings. Jammit’s proprietary technology offers an easy to use snap-to-grid looping system, slows the tempo without affecting the pitch, and provides a user-recordable performance track.

5D Spectrum launched jammit.com on Sept 18th, 2011.

Jammit is also hosting their Connect to Win contest on Facebook thu the end of October 2011. You could win a variety of prizes including an iPad 2!

For more information about Jammit and their Facebook contest, visit www.jammit.com today!

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