5D Spectrum Relaunches Burke Engineering Co.’s website for Galaxy Platform

Burke Engineering Co Website

Burke Engineering Co. approached 5D Spectrum to develop a Social Media Strategy for their B2B operations. With an updated design and the power of WordPress to back it up, Burke Engineering has all the tools in place to manage and develop their Social Media Strategy.

“Initially we were going to integrate a wordpress blog on their existing website, but after further investigation, we realized that Burke would greatly benefit from a complete redevelopment using the WordPress platform as a Blog and CMS. This relaunch also allowed 5D Spectrum to ensure full compatibility with the Galaxy tablet, a very important feature since the Galaxy was selected for Burke’s sales force to securely place orders for their customers through Burke’s eclipse eCommerce store while out in the field.” ~De Eldridge, 5D Spectrum founder

With this solution, 5D Spectrum has laid the foundation for a full social media strategy implementation using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn to reach a larger targeted customer base and to allow customers to track Burke’s fleet delivery vehicles while out in the field.

Visit the Burke Engineering Co. website.

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