burbank arts for all – rockin’ burbank schools!


My son Arthur has been a student in the Burbank School District for the last 4 years. When he started kindergarten at R. L. Stevenson Elementary, we were delighted to find out Burbank had an Arts for All initiative.  With a 25-year career in graphic design, I have a personal passion for the arts and an understanding of how important they are to a child’s education.

Arthur absolutely loves his school’s dance program which concludes each year with a winter recital for all proud parents to enjoy. I cried the first time I witnessed him get on stage dancing in front of a packed auditorium. He was so happy and confident.  I was amazed and thrilled.

We owe his confidence to the experience he received through this wonderful program.  Without the arts to instill creativity, passion, commitment and sense of self, kids wouldn’t be able to become the thoughtful, caring, analytic and problem solving leaders of the future.  Arthur still breaks out in dance whenever he hears the song, Greased Lightnin’ !


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