Help Dugout Hero “Get on the Shelf” at Walmart!

Our client – Dugout Hero has invented a product that has been accepted into the Walmart “Get on the Shelf” contest. It’s all decided by votes from the public. We need your help to get them on the shelf!

1. Go to and “like” them
2. Text this message: 1811 to the following number 383838
3. Go to this website link and vote for them:
4. Please share this on your facebook page, linked in, twitter, and anything else you can do to help launch a small company!

Thank you so much for this!

If you have a baseball, softball, or t-ball player or know one, or have a friend who knows one, or know of a children’s charity or sports team you’ve been dying to sponsor: Go to their website and buy one or buy 15 for the team and get a discount!

Voting goes until April 3rd and you can vote twice a day. Once by text and once by going to the link.