New website for the Frostig Center and Frostig School!

Frostig Center | Frostig School - Screenshot

5D Spectrum is pleased to announce the re-launch of and!

5D Spectrum used the the powerful WordPress MU (multi-user) content management system (CMS) platform to integrate two of Frostig’s  three key websites under one central location. A global navigation bar was introduced to allow users to easily access all 3 sites:

The websites feature slideshows, special contact forms to request tours of the school, and a list of published articles for different subjects for learning disabilities that they can easily manage on their own.

The shared objective of all The Frostig Center’s unique programs is to enrich and enhance the lives of children with learning disabilities. They were founded in 1951 by Marianne Frostig, Ph.D., who was a pioneer, leader and advocate in education for children with learning disabilities. For 60 years, Frostig has placed a major emphasis on research and have become nationally and internationally renowned.

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