Website for Rekoil the Game launched by 5D Spectrum!

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5D Spectrum has launched a new website for Rekoil the Game. The website was built on the powerful WordPress content management system (CMS) for easy manageability by the Rekoil team. It contains an automated slideshow, recent news, and a news ticker as well as a poll to learn more about the gamers on the homepage. There is also a gallery section where people can go and view all the various weapons used in the game.

Rekoil is a multiplayer first person shooter in which the downtrodden “Minutemen” are pitted against their oppressors, Darkwater Inc, in a world where the only goal is to survive the pandemic that has swept the globe. Plastic Piranha, the development team behind Rekoil, is comprised of industry veterans and modding marvels, all of whom have an unquenchable passion for creating titles that speak directly to the hearts of core gamers. As a result, we are extremely eager to hear what the community has to say about what we’re making.

For more information about Rekoil the Game, visit


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