5D Spectrum Supports Burbank Arts for All at the All American Show Choir Super Show

5D Spectrum founder De Eldridge volunteered her time at this fantastic event setting up the VIP Sponsor reception area and as an usher.

“We do everything we can to support Arts Education in the classroom for our kids, including helping out at fundraising events where needed. Several volunteers from the Burbank community and Disney helped usher people to their seats – it was very rewarding experience to not only assist all the wonderful people that attended this great event, but to get to enjoy the show at the same time!” De Eldridge, 5D Spectrum founder

5D Spectrum also helped the Burbank Arts for All education foundation by adding the show DVD to their website. The All American Show Choir Super Show DVD is available to purchase in Standard and Blu-Ray DVD formats. To order online please visit the Burbank Arts For All website.

“Every once in a while we get to be part of something that significantly impacts our lives and lifts us into the special awareness that we are all part of something so much bigger than ourselves. This event was one of those “miraculous” moments and you all made it happen. As a teacher I have always believed that to get to a young person’s head we have to get to their heart. Artistic experiences capture our creative thinking and passion, which is a direct line to our best intellectual capacities. This is exactly how arts education enriches our schools.” Stan Carrizosa, Superintendent, Burbank Unified School District