Arts Education Programs are threatened again – Action Alert!

Action Alert

After a contentious battle over the federal budget this Spring, lawmakers reached a compromise which, thanks to the strong, steady lobbying efforts of arts advocates, included funding for both the NEA and Arts Education programs.

But now, arts education programs are threatened by a new piece of federal legislation, the “Setting New Priorities in Education Spending Act” (HR 1891), which calls for the elimination of 43 existing federal education programs, including Arts in Education.

Oppose HR 1891

This bill is more serious than the annual funding measures that threaten to de-fund arts education because it would permanently strip policy language from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).

The full House of Representatives may vote on HR 1891 prior to their August Congressional Recess. Visit Americans for the Arts Action Center, where you can send a customizable message to your Member of Congress opposing this bill.