Do you have Guest Bloggers on your Site?

Having guest bloggers contribute content to your site can be a great way to add valuable content to your site, not to mention increasing the SEO value of your site overall. However, there are some technical issues you need to be aware of so that your hard work does not penalize your site instead! As usual, the algorithm that google uses will shift to start suppressing guest blogging results that appear to be “spammy”.

Here are some key issues to look out for:

  • Is the Guest Blogger’s content relevant to your site? Google will crack down on guest post links that are irrelevant to the site’s theme. For example, if you think a pet products sales link on a technology or other service website is a good idea, think again!
  • Is your Guest Blogger using optimized anchors in the blog post? Optimized anchors are never a good idea as Google can categorize them as ‘spammy’ and penalize your site. The penalties will be harder to overcome on those that appear in guest blogs.
  • Do your guest bloggers have proper authority? Google will increase the importance of Google authorship and authority. To check your own authorship status, go to Google Webmaster Tools > Labs > Author Stats. Your personal authority as an author has an increasing importance upon the validity of your guest blogging.

Need some help getting your contributing authors compliant with Google’s Authorship?

About: De Ivett

With over 25 years in advertising, graphic design, interactive media, software development and programming, De brings her creative and technical talents to lead the 5D Spectrum team. A well-respected voice in the industry, she has served as a technology and branding panelist for several industry conferences including Digital Hollywood.

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