Philos-Sophia Initiative

Philos-Sophia Initiative

Non-Profit Organization

5D Spectrum was engaged by the Philos-Sophia Initiative Foundation to create a brand identity for this non-profit organization. The new logo was brought to life with a subtle animation for the hero image of the website landing page. The website features large visually stunning images and bold headlines. The blog was designed to hold a high volume of content with the ability to feature significant articles and commentary. The DonorBox platform was integrated for easy donation management. 


  • Logo Design
  • Web UX/UI
  • Site Architecture
  • Functional Requirements
  • Donation Platform Integration
  • eCommerce
  • Programming
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Managed Hosting

5D Spectrum had the honor of working with the original team from The Principle: Rick Delano and Katheryne KTEE Thomas and a big warm welcome to mathematician/philosopher/physicist extraordinaire Dr. Wolfgang Smith.

To see this project in action or to make a donation visit the Website:

Philos-Sophia Initiative
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