Formula Keeps Rockin’

Hot Design-Web Development Firm Enables Guitar Maker’s Global Launch and Innovative Online Shopping Solution

March 28, 2007 (North Hollywood, CA) For over seven years, Formula, the North Hollywood design – interactive development firm, has been an integral part of the successful online strategy for Daisy Rock – The Girl Guitar company. Since the inception of Daisy Rock in 2000, Formula has designed, maintained and provided hosting services for, the primary destination for the online guitar maker-seller. Over the past seven years, Daisy Rock has grown at an astonishing rate, with 2006 sales surpassing $2.4 million. Formula has been a collaborative contributor since the first step of the Daisy Rock journey.

Daisy Rock is the industry leader and often-copied standard. The company was recently been honored with an induction into the Museum of Making Music for the world’s first “girl guitar.” The induction openly acknowledged what so many people knew already – by creating Daisy Rock, Tish Ciravolo had invented a unique and innovative new instrument, a guitar designed specifically (and unapologetically), for girls.

Formula Partner and Interactive Producer De Eldridge noted that the studio has helped Daisy Rock extend the value of their online presence. “When we launched the site in 2000, the functionality was straightforward. Over time the site has evolved with dynamic features, an increasing global presence and most recently with its integrated e-commerce solution. Tish possesses a true pioneer spirit; it was obvious in her passion to create guitars for girls and the incredible Daisy Rock product line, but it’s also apparent by the company’s thoughtful and smart approach to the marketing of Daisy Rock. The online strategy has been profoundly innovative from the get go.”

Formula began their relationship with Daisy Rock by designing and launching the Daisy Rock website ( “We imagined the visual persona for Daisy Rock and we’ve carried that very cool look throughout the growth of the company,” commented Concetta Halstead, Formula partner and Creative Director. “It’s a music site so it’s a bit edgy, but it’s accessible to young girls and to women in general. There is nothing ‘cutesy’ about the site, there are a lot of serious musicians who play Daisy Rock guitars, but we wanted to create an environment that worked on a number of levels.” The site was always meant to illustrate the product line, but also to put forth the philosophy of its founder, and present a forum and community for girls and for women. Rich Lackowski, Daisy Rock’s Marketing and Public Relations Director, said that the visual development included serious thought and research about how to make the site look appealing to their target audience of musically inclined girls, women and even men. “We looked hard at top-tier cosmetics companies and took a bit of our lead from there. It had to be hip, but it also had to be appealing. Formula hit the design note spot on.”

Ciravolo was extremely happy with the design and development of the site, and continued to collaborate with Formula as her business and the online presence grew. In late 2006, Formula launched international versions of for France, Japan and Sweden.

As the site has evolved, Lackowski has been impressed with Formula’s ability to integrate solutions into the site and to expand its functionality. “Formula recently deployed “Shopatron” on our site, which represents a significant improvement for online shoppers. They took our initial idea and created an intuitive solution which helps us deliver even higher levels of customer service to consumers and to our dealers.” The Shopatron store, integrated into the site in March, enables Daisy Rock to grow online sales while supporting their own network of Daisy Rock dealers. Lackowski continued, “The entire back end development of our site has been amazing. The team at Formula has developed a suite of administrative tools that put the majority of site maintenance into Daisy Rock’s hands. That innovation gives us flexibility and speed in our communications. Now, Daisy Rock employees can easily update news articles, add or change information about and for artists and dealers, and manage customer inquiries and special promotions. It all looks great and performs beautifully.”

Ciravolo noted, “Formula has absolutely understood who Daisy Rock was for and what Daisy Rock was all about from Day One. The improvements and growth of the site have been pain free, and Formula’s ability to innovatively deal with sophisticated solutions such as Shopatron has been fantastic. From my perspective as an artist and entrepreneur, it’s been a breath of fresh air to have a creative and technical collaborator that always made everything work better.”

Tish summed up the Daisy Rock – Formula collaboration simply and directly. “Formula is awesome!”

FORMULA is a full service design firm based in Los Angeles. Founded in 2004 by De Eldridge and Concetta Halstead, FORMULA is dedicated to creatively solving problems for clients in a wide variety of industries including entertainment, insurance, hospitality and games. With more than 25 years of design and technology experience, Eldridge and Halstead have built an experienced and creative team of designers, artists, and programmers. Their depth of experience includes award-winning work in print, DVD, multimedia, broadcast and web based projects. Accolades include The Hollywood Reporter Key Art Award; Rolling Stone Magazine’s “Best Album Cover of The Year”; LuLu First and Second Place Awards for interactive design; and a Grammy nomination for best album design. FORMULA has created an atmosphere of high quality, innovative work for a variety of clients. FORMULA …better living through synergy.