5D Spectrum Designs eCommerce Easy Enough for Kids!

5D Spectrum was contracted by customer, Beth’s Kitchen, to take it’s already streamlined eCommerce web site to the next level with the launch of CampusKitchen.net. The Campus Kitchen web site allows for it’s customer’s, kids from dozens of private school’s in the Los Angeles and neighboring areas, and their parents, to order healthy lunches for the entire year.

Campus Kitchen delivers thousands of meals to local schools every day. 5D Spectrum worked closely with founder, Beth Kimball, to develop a streamlined web application originally launched in 2002. The system allowed Beth’s Kitchen to double it’s business every year for the first few years by streamlining the web reporting system to best manage the volume. Campus Kitchen has taken that process one step further by adding an integrated ERP system for managing inventory and ordering. 5D Spectrum worked closely with Campus Kitchen developers to design a user-friendly calendar format for easy ordering.

“We designed the new web site to make the food ordering process extremely simple and fast,” said 5D Spectrum Owner, De Eldridge. “It’s so easy that even the kids can place their own orders!”

The new website is backed by an extreme customization of the Adempiere ERP engine, fronted by a bright, kid-friendly, fresh interface design.