5D Spectrum Launches Diann Valentine’s Design Community

After a successful website launch in June of 2009, superstar wedding and event designer Diann Valentine decided to add another place for her users to interact: a social design community. Diann and 5D Spectrum worked together to create a place where users could showcase their own designs, connect with others in their field and discuss the latest design trends.

The community was built on WordPress Multi User (WPMU) in conjunction with the BuddyPress plugin and seamlessly integrated into Diann’s current website. A key benefit to using WordPress as a foundation for the community was the ease of manageability for Diann’s team. In addition to a user friendly backend, the previous site was built on WordPress (single user) and they were already familiar with the administrative controls. Once the community was complete, 5D Spectrum held remote training sessions through GoToMeeting in order to introduce the new community features that WPMU and BuddyPress added.

Visit Diann Valentine's Design Community

Technology Solution:

A social community built on WordPress Multi User and BuddyPress was integrated into the current website. Remote training sessions through GoToMeeting allowed 5D Spectrum to connect with Diann Valentine’s team despite being in different states.

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