5D Spectrum launches Encounter Reconciliation System for Diversified Data Design Corp. – part 2

5D Spectrum developed Diversified Data Design’s Encounter Reconciliation System (ERS) which warehouses their principal clearing-house data information: medical patient encounters. Formula developed a secure internet solution that allows DDD’s business partners’ (medical organizations, insurance plans, etc.) to track and verify encounter information exchanged with DDD.

When 5D Spectrum launched ERS for DDD, the ERS database had 16 million total encounter records and 33 million total procedure records. They were processing 140,000 encounters and 200,000 procedures a day.

Just eight months ago, the ERS database contained 60 million encounter records and 120 million procedure records. They were processing 500,000 encounters and 630,000 procedures each day. ERS is currently supporting over 100,000,000 encounters, far exceeding the initial goal! Diversified Data Design has over 300 medical groups accessing the system.

Customer Testimonial:

“5D Spectrum [Formerly known as Formula] spent the time to understand DDD’s unique business requirements and so was able to propose innovative internet solutions to best serve the end user. Their team worked closely with DDD, committed that the ERS system functioned as intended and met all quality standards. 5D Spectrum ‘s consummate support during development, and after rollout to production, ensured the success of the project. Their team was always willing to put in extra hours in order to meet a specific milestone, address an issue, or rework a solution.”

– Janice Jones, Diversified Data Design, an AGData Company