The Golden Closet Website Re-Launch Brings Sales Up by 95%

5D Spectrum worked hand in hand with the designers at The Golden Closet in order to bring their website to life. The Golden Closet website combines MIVA, a powerful and full featured E-Commerce solution, with WordPress as a blogging platform to showcase and sell authentic motion picture, television, and music memorabilia.

The re-launch of their E-Commerce website was in June 2010 and they have already begun seeing results.

“Ever since we re-launched our website with our Facebook and YouTube [social networking] connections, our sales have gone up 95%. With the exception of one, every Featured Item on our homepage has already been sold.”

– Breanna Livie, Founder of The Golden Closet

Livie also notes that the social networking additions have allowed customers to find them more easily. One customer used Facebook to locate The Golden Closet and soon after, purchased the “Clark Kent/Superman” (Dean Cain) Signature “Superman” Complete Costume.


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The website update also included a more streamlined process of updating their fans and followers of the latest The Golden Closet news. Every time The Golden Closet blog is updated, it automatically pings their Facebook Page and updates their Wall with the latest news. This new feature allows fans to follow the company with sites they already use.

Technology Solution:

MIVA E-Commerce, WordPress blog engine, blog posts auto feed to Facebook Wall

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