Business Continuity Plan


5D Spectrum is committed to its customers, employees, contractors and vendors. To ensure the effective availability of essential products and services, 5D Spectrum provides this Business Continuity Planning policy in support of a comprehensive program for business continuity, disaster prevention and total business recovery.


5D Spectrum is responsible for implementing its current and comprehensive Business Continuity Planning (BCP). The nature of our business, and the previously implemented process of working with our employees remotely, ensures on-time availability and delivery of the products and services we provide.

Our goal is to provide uninterrupted service during times of need by utilizing the following processes:

  • All 5D Spectrum employees either own or will be provided with the proper equipment, software and services to provide uninterrupted service remotely during a crisis.
  • Our Project Management Tool is cloud-based and can be accessed remotely 24/7.
  • Our Project Asset Storage is cloud-based making all assets available to all team members working remotely.
  • All Time Tracking against projects remains consistent with company policy whether working on-site or remotely.
  • Daily Time Sheets are maintained electronically and can be managed on-site or remotely.
  • Client Deadlines will not be impacted by changes to employee work location whether on-site or remote.
  • Daily Meetings will continue as scheduled, as long as internet connectivity remains constant.
  • In the event that Internet Connectivity ceases to exist or is temporarily unavailable, everything in our power will be done to restore connectivity.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery is incorporated into the business process development and operational procedures every step of the way.
  • SLA’s that support our BCP objectives are implemented with key customers.

Policy Leadership

De Ivett, 5d Spectrum founder and CEO, is the BCP executive management liaison for this program.

Policy Compliance

BCP compliance is provided by BCP management.

5D Spectrum recognizes the importance of a comprehensive Business Continuity Planning Program to ensure the safety, health and continued availability of employment of its employees and quality goods and services for those we serve. We require the commitment of each employee, contractor, and vendor in support of the objectives required to protect 5D Spectrum assets, mission and survivability.

Updated March 16, 2020

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