Team Leaders

De Ivett De Ivett
CEO + Biz Dev


With over 35 years of experience in marketing, digital media and web development, De combines her creative and technical talents to lead the 5D team to solve complex marketing challenges and create integrated brand experiences. She stands as a distinguished recipient of the Los Angeles Advertising Women Achievement Award for interactive communications. Throughout her career, De has collaborated with renowned entertainment brands such as Red Bull, Kodak, Warner Home Video, USHE, Sony, and Live Nation to name a few. She possesses extensive experience in healthcare and professional services, dedicated to formulating and executing best practices in HIPAA compliance, web compliance, and SEO across various industries.

As a technology innovator, De has achieved several notable accomplishments in the entertainment industry; working with a team of engineers and designers to develop industry standards in DVD technology, bringing her “interactive” passion to the iconic Warner Bros. DVD “THE MATRIX” and hundreds of other film entertainment titles; and leveraging web-enabled technologies to bring dynamic data to CD and DVD products. Her vast experience in designing and developing interactive media projects led her to work with several tech startups in the blockchain and Web3 space for the music, art, and entertainment industries.

Recognized as a respected authority in the industry, De has been a featured technology and branding panelist at various industry conferences, including Digital Hollywood.

Jessica Good Jessica Good
COO + Accounting


With 25 years of project and account management experience, Jessica comes to 5D Spectrum ready to hit the ground running. With a solid foundation in print production and design, combined with many years of managing accounts of all sizes, she brings a passion for keeping things on-time, on-budget and always with the highest level of creativity and quality.

When she’s not managing things at 5D Spectrum, Jessica stays busy volunteering locally with the JBHS VMA where she produces several shows every year. And if there is ever any downtime you are likely to find her at the beach with her two daughters or traveling to the midwest to catch up with family and friends.

Nancy Batlin Nancy Batlin
Creative Director + Biz Dev


Nancy’s career has spanned the globe as well as a diverse range of industries. With more than 20+ years experience building brands, she’s crafted strategies for myriad cultures and touchpoints — from traditional to cutting edge digital frontiers.

Her unique 360° perspective is the hallmark of her work. She sees brands from the inside out to ensure the business foundation supports the brand vision. Nancy believes that a powerful brand is a mix of pragmatic and creative thinking that will ultimately position the business for success with its audiences — internally and externally.

Nancy has deep roots in design (print, digital, surface pattern development – tableware & textiles, and environmental) as well as brand strategy and business management capabilities. She brings her strategic and creative services to lead the 5D Spectrum development team.

Bruce Golub Bruce Golub
Sr. Web Developer


As one of two senior partners of Phosphor Media, Bruce has over 30 years of experience in eCommerce web development. Starting with one of the first eCommerce websites ever built and continuing with over 20 years in developing sites using the MIVA Merchant eCommerce platform.

Bruce is also the receipt of two international Interactive Information Design awards including one for building one of the first Intranet applications. When not working, he’s messing with food in the kitchen or guitars in the basement.

Katheryne Katheryne "KTEE" Thomas
Video Producer + Marketing Manager


A graduate of the Academy of Art University with a MFA in Motion Pictures and Television, Katheryne has amassed a vast portfolio of work including “The Principle” (Documentary), “The End Of Quantum Reality” (Documentary), “She’s Too Fat” (Web Series) and “A Crazy Thought” (Docuseries). She has over 15 years in mass media integration, as a new media content producer, and brand/promotions manager. She was the production manager for the UPN affiliate (now the CW) in South Georgia.

KTEE is a marketing and content strategist and manages 5D Spectrum’s Social Media Marketing team and advertising campaigns.

Since 2010, she has been the Owner / CEO of In Ohm Entertainment, a multimedia company specializing in film production and brand promotions and has produced numerous Music Videos, Documentary Films, Docu-Series, Web Series and Events for companies such as: MTV, VH1, Fuse, Interscope, Universal, Capitol Records, and Warner Bros.

Mikayla Hayes Mikayla Hayes
Digital Media Artist + Social Media Manager


Mikayla has a passion for creativity in every aspect of life. A jack of all trades, she strives for perfection in each area of expertise. She practices writing, painting, art, music, poetry, and fashion design. She’s been drawing since childhood, and transferred over to digital art in high school.

At 5D, she’s applying those skills to a business setting. Whether it’s content creation, asset preparation, photoshop, blog writing, copywriting, or a myriad of other tasks, she always gives 100%.

She spends her free time writing sci-fi and fantasy novels, and working out at her home gym.

Shane Clark Shane Clark
Web Dev Team Manager


Shane is all things web: Content Management expert, SEO guru, web developer, and project manager. He uses his varied and complex skillset to manage the 5D Spectrum WordPress development team.

With over 1000 WordPress sites under his belt, it’s fair to say Shane is a master of his craft. Shane’s practical approach for matching customer needs to available technologies has proven effective for our clients.

Shane came from a developer/programming background and has worked with companies such as Microsoft and U-haul. He enjoys traveling and has worked in over seven countries in the past five years.

Michael Dee Michael Dee
Photographer, Videographer


Mike Dee is a Los Angeles-based commercial photographer with expertise shooting with digital and film cameras. As an adjunct professor at Woodbury University, Mike teaches photo 1, the history of photography and contemporary art. His success as an artist in sculpture, drawing and photography in his early years gives him a unique qualification to teach on these topics. Whether its a portrait or a fine art installation, he’s got you covered!

Khyle Allen Khyle Allen
QA Engineer + Designer


Khyle has been working as both a quality assurance engineer and designer for the past six years. She ensures that all 5D projects pass rigorous UI/UX testing regiments for all browsers and devices. In addition to website/project testing, she does web and marketing design and production.

Her hobbies including hiking, high impact sports and spending time with her family.

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