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5D Spectrum have partnered with Flutter Agency to bring you mobile app development at an affordable price.

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About Our Partnership

Flutter Agency is AI-enabled team of developers and creatives dedicated to deploying apps using the Flutter framework. 5D Spectrum have joined forces with Flutter Agency to offer cross-platform mobile app development (build once, deploy everywhere) services to its customers. By integrating AI tools into our process, we enhance our productivity, enabling us to deliver even greater value to our customers.

Harnessing the synergy of Flutter + AI, and let us bring your app idea to life swiftly and securely!


  • UI/UX Design
  • Game Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Secure Hosting Solutions


Mobile App Showcase

PurrfectPartners: Bridging the Gap Between Pooch Enthusiasts; An Application that Connects Dog Lovers

  • Social Networking for Dog Owners
  • Connecting Dog Owners, Organizing Events, Communication
  • Pet Care, Community Networking

Features Include

  • Live Google App: Pet owners can view nearby events and other pet owners from their current location, and in Google Maps, pet owners can view event images. If a pet owner clicks an event image, all relevant information is displayed. A pet owner can access that user’s data along with the pet if they click the symbol for the other owner. When a pet owner modifies a Google Maps filter, the default Google Maps filter will be impacted.
  • Event Creation, Invitation: A pet owner can create events, but the pet owner must provide certain information while doing so, including the venue, the type of the event, the day and time, the number of spots available, and the invited guests. App also provides a facility to invite the person from outside of the application.
  • Chat 1 to 1 / Group Chatting: Pet owners can communicate with one another and share images. Pet owners can create a group and communicate in Group. Users can view one other’s profiles and check whether another user is online or not. Pet owners get requests to start off the conversation with other users. Upon accepting the request only the conversation would proceed. Chatting would be possible for only internal application users only.

The app’s capabilities have created a stronger sense of community among dog owners, providing a platform for them to share, interact, and bond over their love for their furry companions.

Developed for

  • Apple
  • Android

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