Case Studies

We love to take an idea and turn it into a reality. These case studies will take you on a journey through each project to share where we started and how our hard work and dedication to each brand impacted our customer’s business.

Musicians at Play Website

Musicians at Play

5D Spectrum redesigned the Musicians At Play website in 2020-2021, helping to give them a new look, enhanced functionality, and features to improve how they interacted with their core audiences – students, mentors, and sponsors.

Read our Case Study about the redesign of the Musicians at Play website!

screenshot for Creative Workflow Solutions using the Stimulated.Works software platform

Stimulated Works

Masterminded by Stimulated-inc’s Founder and Producer Robb Wagner, 5D Spectrum brought this complex prototype to life by developing a secure enterprise-level web application – to automate Stimulated-inc’s workflow.

A global workforce, project managers, and customers of Stimulated-inc. use this streamlined platform to manage a complex workflow for the post-production process of content creation.

Introducing Stimulated.Works – the first web application designed specifically to meet the challenging needs of the post-production content creation industry.

Magne Shade home desktop and mobile

Magne Shade

5D Spectrum has been a partner to MIVA since 1999 and specializes in custom eCommerce development using MIVA’s eCommerce framework. In early 2021, MIVA partnered with 5D Spectrum to build the new website, bringing their visions of workflow automation to life.

Read our case study about how we helped enhance the user experience and the impact it had on the business. 

Pinewood pro

Pinewood Pro

Pinewood Pro engaged 5D Spectrum in a major upgrade to their hybrid MIVA eCommerce website.  5D created the Car Designer & Speed Simulator, an interactive shopping experience that walks customers through the process of purchasing everything necessary to build a winning Pinewood derby car.

Read our case study about how 5D drove up sales.

Medvision Solutions

When MedVision Solutions asked for a simple data migration solution, our discovery process revealed an outdated brand that needed a refresh to keep up with its competition. The result? Implementation of a completely new and innovative brand strategy!

Read our Case Study about the evolution of the Medvision Solutions brand.

boku home page

Boku Superfoods

5D Spectrum was engaged by Boku to help turn around their declining online sales. Boku sought our help to improve upon the UI/UX experience, re-brand the website to better align with their core value, and rebuild the eCommerce platform to optimize performance and engagement. The net result of these efforts needed to significantly boost sales and maintain and grow their subscriber base.

Read our case study on the rebuilding of the Boku website.

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