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5D Spectrum Brings Magne Shade’s Vision to Life Using the MIVA eCommerce Platform to Increase the Bottom Line

The Project

The MagneShade.com website was initially built on WooCommerce, but the growing company had reached limitations with this framework. To achieve their business goals and objectives, they would need a much more robust solution. In early 2021, MIVA, provider of the scalable eCommerce platform, introduced 5D Spectrum to Magne Shade to build a new full-featured website, bringing their visions of workflow automation to life. 5D Spectrum has been a partner to MIVA since 1999 and specializes in custom eCommerce development using MIVA’s eCommerce framework. 

Further enhancements implemented in 2023 offer an integrated upsell process, a seamless shopping experience, and an expansion into custom window shades for Yachts.

“5D Spectrum was able to achieve a better ordering process through the site which has saved our office a lot of valuable time. From on page optimization to the fine details of SEO management, the team at 5D has allowed us to reach and convert more customers while taking a more targeted approach to our digital marketing. This has increased our website traffic substantially.”

~ Anthony Hunkler, Magne Shade – Director, Sales and Marketing

Magne Shade home desktop and mobile

The Challenge

Magne Shade had been experiencing a plethora of technical issues with their old site. This limited how much automation and productivity could be achieved. The goal was to migrate their WordPress website to the more robust MIVA eCommerce platform which would allow for a more full-service approach to streamline Magne Shade’s operations.

“For Magne Shade, along with other features, 5D Spectrum created a system to leverage their extensive vehicle data. This minimizes the amount of information customers need to tediously provide.”

~ Bruce Golub, Senior Engineer, 5D Spectrum

The Solution

Magne Shade has been providing a unique product line of custom window shades for RVs for over 30+ years, ensuring that every order is made to spec! By expanding the core database to include pertinent information related to every vehicle option, we were able to streamline key operations and processes. We improved the function of requesting and verifying measurements per order. We also automated some important processes to save time and money. 

More recently, we enhanced the site design and functionality, developing an integrated upsell shopping process. Customers have access to multiple fabric choices for different levels of privacy and a curated image library that allows them to customize their windshield shade for that personal touch. Customers can select additional accessories and multiple window shades, applying their selected custom print or fabric. A complex process has been converted into an easy one-stop shopping experience.

A clear differentiator for Magne Shade is the filtering functionality that guides customers to the right products for their specific vehicle. This allows them to shop by vehicle make, model, and year, and add multiple customized window shades and accessories to the order. By providing customers with measurements, they are also providing a time-saving service to their customers. 

“We love the opportunity to streamline operations for our clients with automation on their website. Magne Shade gave us a great opportunity to do just that.”

~ De Ivett, 5D Spectrum, CEO

The Impact

Immediately following the launch of their new website in June of 2021, 5D Spectrum engaged in an SEO and PPC marketing campaign to increase Magne Shade’s Google rank. The recent addition of the integrated upsell functionality has further boosted the average order value by an additional 6.5% YoY! Below are some of the highlights of these engagements showing a positive trajectory of growth.

Now, with higher visibility in Google and increased revenues, Magne Shade is looking to expand their website capabilities, aiming to reach their customers in the boating and other recreational vehicle markets.

Magne Shade average order value November 2021 - March 2022
+77% revenue November 2021 - March 2022
+30% year over year
+27% traffic November 2021 - March 2022

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Bringing Magne Shade’s Vision to Life
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