5D Spectrum Helps Musicians at Play Broaden Their Reach and Impact

The Project

Musicians at Play (MAP) is a vibrant community of music professionals who partner with Los Angeles-area schools to deliver instrumental and vocal training, coaching and mentoring to fundamentally change the way young people think about music, their ability, and their future careers in music and music-related fields.

5D Spectrum redesigned the MAP website in 2020-2021, helping to give them a new look, enhanced functionality, and features to improve how they interacted with their core audiences – students, mentors, and sponsors.

“We used our Powers for Good to create a website that better represented the Musicians at Play brand and the incredible work they do to help students realize their potential. Visual storytelling, messaging and functionality were all equally important to support MAP’s efforts and impact. ”

~ Nancy Batlin, 5D Spectrum Creative & Marketing Strategist

In 2022, MAP reengaged 5D Spectrum to build an interface within the new website for the “Rise Diversity Project” — a professional film scoring event — that would enable students to easily submit a musical audition online.

Musicians at Play Website

“5D Spectrum has enhanced our business over 100%. Their quick response time and creative approach to problem solving is a huge asset to anyone expanding their business and brand. Thank you, Jessica & De!”

~ April Williams, President & Founder MAP

The Challenge

Our challenge was to design a custom solution for a template-based website that did not represent the MAP brand, causing confusion about the organization’s mission and contributions to its community. The existing features and functionality made it difficult for community and donor outreach and customer engagement.

To support the “Rise Diversity Project”, 5D Spectrum added a new set of features to the custom site allowing students to submit digital auditions, and included a robust application process with a number of detailed steps that needed to be completed in order to become an eligible candidate. The instructions, as well as the functionality, had to clearly and easily facilitate the process to ensure each interested student could submit their auditions successfully to be considered for the opportunity.

The Solution

The first step was to redesign and update the entire site to function more effectively for MAP’s needs — such as event calendaring and ticketing, online performances, donation campaigns, and community engagement with core audiences. These upgrades paved the way for programs like the “Rise Diversity Project” to be easily integrated into the website. The new feature included an online application that guides students step-by-step through the detailed submission process, including the “how-to” functionality to upload each of the required video recordings. The experience included:

  • Uploading a personal statement video
  • Downloading sheet music for auditions based on each student’s instrument
  • Uploading 2 video auditions – scales and a musical piece
  • Submitting the form with attached videos
  • Submission notification emails to alert MAP
  • Easy review of each applicant’s submission package
musician's at play - rise diversity project

MAP’s business has experienced major gains since the website rebranding and enhanced functionality. Projects like “Rise Diversity” as well as other features on the new website have substantially increased MAP’s reach and engagement.

Engage Educate Elevate

The Impact

36,120 Youth, Teachers and Community Members Reached

153 Mentors Representing over 15 Nationalities & Languages!

3,071 Youth Elevated to Empowerd Leadership Positions!

5D Spectrum provides ongoing support and custom development to its clients.

Find out how 5D Spectrum can help you expand your functionality to help you to expand your reach!


5D Spectrum Helps Musicians at Play Broaden Their Reach and Impact
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