We take the time to understand your business objectives, challenges, competitive landscape, and short- and long-term goals.

5D Spectrum’s discover process can uncover opportunities beyond a company’s immediate marketing needs that will improve business, enhance current strategy and provide insights for future growth.

The Challenge

In 2015, MedVision Solutions approached 5D Spectrum with a need to migrate data from a legacy CRM system to a modern CRM that would integrate with their website and serve their sales team in a more productive way.

We began our engagement with them by conducting our discovery process and interviewing each member of the sales team. That work revealed the need for a total rebranding of the company, from the logo design to the brand voice, sales collateral, website and other printed materials. Why? The name of the company, MedVision, was confusing to new prospects who thought the company dealt primarily in vision care — that’s a far cry from being a developer of software solutions for the healthcare industry. The discovery process taught us that we needed to upend the existing brand hierarchy.

The Solution

Our solution was to reposition the company with the software name as the primary brand identity. That choice resulted in customers feeling more comfortable with the brand leading to a higher level of engagement.

When MedVision Solutions asked for data migration, the discovery process revealed a dated brand that needed updating to keep up with the competition. The result? A completely new and innovative brand strategy!

Before we began the actual redesign of the MedVision and QuickCap™ logos, we needed to understand the hierarchy of the naming structure. Our goal was to simplify the messaging and create visual marks that allow for flexibility in application. Each mark was designed to stand alone but still maintain a feeling of being related to the overall brand.





medvision branding

Website Development

5D Spectrum took the original 42-page website apart, reorganized the content, created a brand voice that simplified the messaging, eliminated the unnecessary and relaunched with a clean and simple, responsive 7-page informational website plus a news blog.


  • UI/UX Design
  • Copywriting
  • Video content development
  • Managed development team
  • SEO recommendations
  • Content maintenance


Checkout their website: medvision-solutions.com

QuickCAP 7.0 streamlines all the administrative and clinical data processes for healthcare payors. 5D Spectrum took these complex software features and benefits and summed it up in a 2-minute video.


  • Script Writing
  • Animation
  • Video and Photo sourcing
  • Voice Over (by Camden Singer)
  • Audio Sourcing and Design
  • Editing


5D Spectrum built an arsenal of elements to be applied to everything from trade show booth banners, advertising, powerpoint presentations, post cards, one-sheets, business cards, electronic letterhead and product information sheets.

The new website provided links the ClientConnect customer service portal and the software demo site, which were also relaunched with a branded new look!

“We had the pleasure of working with 5D Spectrum over the past couple of years related to website development and marketing materials. It truly has been a breath of fresh air working with De’s creative team. The staff is knowledgeable, took our vision into consideration and designed several approaches for us to work with. We enjoyed their collaborative approach to help meet our needs. They are a highly respected group and know how to get the job done. They are on my speed dialer for future work!”

Albert B. Sosa
CEO, MedVision

The bottom line is that through our “Discover” process, we were able to pinpoint real business needs to provide solutions for MedVision to help them grow and evolve their business with confidence.

Discover how 5D Spectrum can help your business develop solutions that make sense for your business.


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