MIVA is a flexible and adaptable eCommerce platform that evolves with your business. 5D Spectrum has been a MIVA partner for over 20 years, offering custom design, 3rd party integrations, and custom workflows for unique workflow requirements.

“I like to tell people that we have 100+ years of combined experience with our MIVA engineering team,” said CEO De Ivett. “That is more than any other platform we currently work with.”

Here are 3 great examples of customizations that provide operational cost savings, time, and flexibility.

Magne Shade Logo

Magne Shade

Shop by Vehicle Feature

Custom Database Integration

Colman and co

Colman And Company

Streamlined Order Process

API Integrated Services

aroma burner logo


Mix & Match Shopping

Custom Starter Kits

MIVA is Flexible and Adaptable 

MIVA offers a unique, template-layer style editing that allows us to make changes to the look and feel of a  site without having to worry about the integrity of the platform. The JSON API allows us to integrate MIVA with any third-party Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to help streamline operations and workflow.

MagneShade.com is a great example of how we were able to use the MIVA platform to optimize a unique ordering process. This company has a custom database that is referenced for each order, which is used to help streamline the measurement verifications required to place an order. We were able to utilize that data to create a shopping experience tailored to the RV owner’s vehicle.

Following the relaunch of their site on the MIVA platform, Magne Shade has been able to focus on new business, boasting a 29% increase in sales year over year. All thanks to the amount of time saved by the company’s automated email solution, which provides specific vehicle measurements to the customer through an automated system.

“5D spectrum was able to achieve a better ordering process through the site which has saved our office a lot of valuable time,”

~ Anthony Hunkler, Magne Shade Sales and Marketing 

MIVA is Built for Performance 

ColmanandCompany.com engaged 5D Spectrum in a technical optimization challenge to increase their MIVA site performance and their Google rankings. The process involved removing unused or outdated code, minimizing the javascript and CSS, and reducing the page speed by “lazy loading” unnecessary assets below the fold. 5D also set out to optimize the top 100 pages for SEO best practices and perform the same optimization for over 1000 SKUs migrated from another site for a company they had recently acquired. The goal of the migration was to not only maintain the SEO rankings for the migrated SKUs but also to outperform the previous sites’ Google rankings.

The Team at 5D Spectrum took the time to understand our needs while adding thousands of products to our MIVA store. Each step of the process, from data clean up to SEO to UX design, was given the attention and care to make the store’s growth a great success. Thank you 5D team!”

~Marc Vila Director of eCommerce Marketing

By optimizing Colman’s MIVA site for technical and “on-page” SEO performance, 5D was able to increase its organic search traffic by a 98% sustained increase over 12 months. With Colman’s combined social media marketing and popular podcasts, they were able to boast a 40% increase in sales year over year, sustaining this 24 months after the optimizations were performed.

colman sizes

colman sizes

mix and match

MIVA offers Unparalleled Options for Price Groups and Coupons 

Aroma-Burner.com offers a unique “Mix-n-Match” discount promotion where customers can buy 4 of any $3 items for $10 ~or~ 3 of any $4 items for $10. Both offers save the customer $2 and provide the maximum flexibility in product selection.

“I am not aware of any other eCommerce platform that can handle a promotion this complex out-of-the-box. On top of excellent customer service, the 5D Spectrum team was able to replicate my traveling store’s Mix-n-Match deals using discount price groups, so I can continue to offer my customers great deals online. ”

~Connie Abdin, Aroma-burner.com Owner

MIVA’s attribute templates are a time saver when it comes to Aroma-Burner.com. Every product that comes with a fragrant oil uses a globally-managed attribute template, making it super easy to manage the 160+ available fragrances. The starter kits use this template feature which gives the customer complete control over the ceramic burner design, choice of crystals, and selection of fragrant oils.

MIVA Offers B2B And B2C Within A Single Store

We have many MIVA customers who sell to both B2B (wholesale) and B2C (consumers) markets but don’t want to manage two stores. With extensive price group and availability groups functionality, MIVA handles this beautifully. Additionally, there is no limit to the number of price tiers which can be managed right down to specific product pricing.

“Miva’s extensive Template code and APIs make it easy to configure websites that match the methods and processes a business uses to seamlessly integrate into their business…or serve as the central hub of their business.”

~Bruce Golub, Sr. Development Engineer

MIVA Has Integrated Subscription Features At Its Core

MIVA saw the need for subscription-based eCommerce and built an integrated wallet for MIVA partners called MIVAPAY that supports:

  • payment tokenization for making adjustments to invoicing after the order has been placed
  • subscription management for recurring payments
  • PCI-compliant credit card storage

“The number one reason I recommend the MIVA platform to my clients is because of the stability,” said De Ivett. “It is the only eCommerce platform that offers streaming updates that don’t break the site.”

Why do we recommend MIVA to our customers?

All in all the MIVA platform has proven to be the most effective, stable, and flexible eCommerce platform for our customers and MIVA partners. MIVA has a higher entry price point than some other options, but when it comes to building the site, nothing compares to the built-in features. MIVA has spent the last decade building core eCommerce features into the framework. With plenty of free or low-cost third-party integrations available, it all works out in the end. 

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