Why Does Your Business Need a Web Hosting & Service Plan?

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In today’s connected world, we rely heavily on the internet, and if you are a business owner, most likely your website is critical to your day-to-day operations.

When you become a customer of 5D Spectrum, we take your business operations as seriously as you do. To provide top quality and timely service to your business we offer a flexible retainer plan to meet your specific needs. All of our service offerings can be taken advantage of once you are part of the 5D family of customers. 

We recommend the combination of a hosting and service plan to streamline your internet-based operations. When 5D Spectrum hosts your website, we are able to provide support quicker and more efficiently than with a 3rd party host. The biggest advantage of combining these services is that we can support your ongoing hosting, web maintenance, and marketing needs – all under one roof! Knowledge is power and by combining these services your 5D dedicated account manager will be able to save you time and money by having an understanding of all activities on your account.

Our Service Plans include:


§  Brand Strategy: We will conduct a discover phase to uncover the potential for your brand.

§  Naming: Brainstorming and research to create a unique name for your brand.

§  SEO Strategy: We will conduct a competitive analysis to create an SEO strategy.

§  Social Media Strategy: Your story, everywhere. Lead Generation and Audience Building.

§  Advertising Strategy: We will design a 360 strategy to meet your needs for radio and television broadcasts, online advertising, print advertising, and environmental installations.


§  Logo Mark System: We will design a logo system and style guide for print and digital formats.

§  Website Design: Custom-designed website to represent the organization’s vision, and mission.

§  Print Collateral: Design and Printing services to include folders, brochures, signage, etc.

§  Copywriting: Your vision, your mission, your purpose, we will tell your unique story.

§  Video: We will create video content for use on your website and social channels.

§  Photography: We will send our team out to shoot your location, team portraits, and/or products to help you tell your story and create fresh content for the new website.


§  Web Programming: Custom theme development, eCommerce, CMS, LMS.

§  App Programming: Custom development, apple, google play.

§  Advertising:  Campaign development to meet your strategic goals.

§  PPC: Campaign strategy for all recommended advertising channels.


§  Google Analytics Health Check: Conversion tracking is our number one priority when we engage in any type of advertising so that you can keep a pulse on your ROI.

§  PowerListings: Your business, listed everywhere. Manual web list submissions for 60+ sites.


§  After Launch Maintenance: As-needed design and development for digital and print needs.

§  Blogging: Ongoing copywriting services will be provided, the number of blog posts per month TBD.

§  Social Media Marketing: Content development, channel management, SEO, SEM.

§  Ad Management: Google Ads, YouTube, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Retargeting, and Sponsored advertising.

§  Training: Want to DIY? We can train you to manage your marketing campaigns and website.

Our Web Hosting Plans include:

All WordPress Hosting plans include the following:

  • Dedicated Account Manager (What ISP offers this service?)
  • Fast Premium/Isolated/Dedicated Servers: Our hardware, software, and network design have been optimized for WordPress like no other platform. Load-balanced (all-SSD) servers with multiple caching layers mean faster and more responsive sites.
  • Core and Plugin Update Management
  • Control Panel Access
  • DNS Management – via Cloudflare
  • Basic DDoS & intrusion protection
  • FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate
  • Automatic Daily Backups 
  • 24/7/365 Network/Bandwidth Monitoring & Support
  • 10 GB hard disk storage

All Managed Business Hosting plans include Global Edge Security:

  • Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) – block out malicious traffic 
  • Advanced DDoS mitigation – block out malicious attackers 
  • Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN) – global performance
  • Encrypted global network routing – performance

A web hosting & service plan is essential for several reasons, especially if you are running an online business where uptime is critical. 

Here are some of the key reasons why you might consider a web hosting & service plan:

Technical Assistance: A 5D hosting & service plan provides technical support to help you with any issues related to your website or server. Whether it’s a server downtime, website error, or configuration problem, having access to technical experts can save you time and effort in troubleshooting and resolving these issues.

Server Maintenance and Updates: 5D provides regular updates to maintain its servers to ensure optimal performance, security, and stability. Your WordPress core and plugin updates are provided automatically as part of your “worry-free” hosting plan.

Security: Our reliable web hosting plan includes Global Edge Security features and measures to protect your website from cyber threats and attacks. It includes firewall configurations, malware scanning, DDoS protection, and more to safeguard your website and data.

Backups and Disaster Recovery: Regular backups are essential to prevent data loss in case of any unexpected events or accidents. Our web hosting plans include nightly automatic backups, ensuring your website data can be restored if needed.

Performance Optimization: As your site evolves, 5D can help optimize your website’s performance by offering advice on caching, content delivery networks (CDNs), and other techniques to speed up page loading times and ways to improve the user experience.

Professional Advice: Your dedicated 5D Account Manager is an experienced professional who can offer guidance and suggestions to enhance your website’s functionality and performance.

Time and Resource Savings: With a support plan in place, you can offload the technical responsibilities to the hosting provider, allowing you to focus on your core business and other important tasks.

Overall, our “worry-free” web hosting and service plan provides peace of mind and ensures that your website operates smoothly and securely. It can be especially crucial if you lack technical expertise or don’t want to deal with the complexities of managing a web server on your own. 

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About: De Ivett

With over 25 years in advertising, graphic design, interactive media, software development and programming, De brings her creative and technical talents to lead the 5D Spectrum team. A well-respected voice in the industry, she has served as a technology and branding panelist for several industry conferences including Digital Hollywood.

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