Aroma Burner

Aroma Burner

MIVA eCommerce

Built on the MIVA eCommerce platform, sells 500+ SKUs direct to consumer. With special Mix & Match pricing, customers can buy 4 – $3 items for $10 OR 3 – $4 items for $10 making online shopping fun and affordable.

With an on-going rotation of inventory, 5D Spectrum provides product photography for the website and social media marketing.

5D Spectrum created a video EPK for booking the eye-catching traveling store at events and marketplaces. The video features a full view of the store installation, inside and out to show the broad range of products available. contracted 5D Spectrum to brand their traveling store, a trailer that looks like a truck. The trailer was designed to easily set up the store to sell product at local farmer’s markets and fairs. 5D designed vinyl signs to wrap the vehicle as well as environmental signage to display prices and product variants offered.


  • design
  • photography
  • video production
  • environmental design
  • web development


Aroma Burner
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