Boku Superfood

Boku Superfood

Shopify eCommerce

The Boku Superfood brand was prime for a fresh new look to maintain its brand positioning in their competitive market. After a thoughtfully executed brand research and strategy process, the 5D Spectrum team put their design chops to work. The new ‘mouth watering’ site design was executed at the same time as the underlying site architecture was replaced with a rock solid and stable solution.

The 5D Spectrum built this hybrid Shopify/WordPress website to provide the Boku Superfoods admins with easy management of all content and marketing tools. A custom API was designed to feed product related content from the custom WordPress Database into the Shopify product pages providing dynamic FAQs and ingredients. The same will be true for recipes and related blog posts in a future upgrade!


  • brand strategy
  • UI/UX
  • custom programming
  • PPC with 4:1 return
  • video production
  • hosting solution


Boku Superfood
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