Boku Superfood

Shopify eCommerce

The Boku Superfood hybrid website features a Shopify eCommerce store seamlessly integrated with WordPress. The robust WordPress database is used to house FAQ, Recipe, and Ingredients data to feed into the Shopify store using a custom API. This gave the Boku team an easy way to manage their store with a central database to control all the content.

Boku Superfood


  • brand strategy
  • UI/UX
  • custom programming
  • PPC with 4:1 return
  • video production
  • hosting solution


boku ppc


An SEO audit revealed a drop in google rank after a custom redesign/rebuild by another vendor in early 2021. As the 5D team went to work to optimize the new site many more technical issues were revealed that put this small company at risk.

The custom platform was comprised of several WordPress websites used for various content, an FAQ app, a Shopify back end, a custom eCommerce front end with a very limited custom admin portal. This left the brand with too many places to log in to manage content, marketing, and customer support. Some basic eCommerce features were not manageable at all, like coupons and basic product updates like pricing and SEO, which made managing and marketing the site extremely difficult for Boku’s in-house team.


The Boku Superfood brand was not only technically challenged, but prime for a fresh new look to maintain its brand positioning in its competitive marketplace.

After a thoughtfully executed brand research and strategy process, the 5D Spectrum team put their design chops to work. The new ‘mouth watering’ site design was executed at the same time as the underlying site architecture was replaced with a rock-solid solution.

The 5D Spectrum built this hybrid Shopify/WordPress website to provide the Boku Superfoods admins with easy management of all content and marketing tools.

A custom API was designed to feed product-related content from the custom WordPress Database into the Shopify product pages providing dynamic FAQs and ingredients.

The new UI/UX combined with a competitive PPC campaign yielded a 1:4 return on investment, setting this brand back on course for success.

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