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Dual-Shave™ Medicated Shaving Cream for him and her are the first of its kind with a moisturizing anti-acne facial soap & shaving cream all-in-one.


Nisan Lamden, founder of Dual-Shave LLC and inventor of the 2-in-1 formulation came to 5D Spectrum in 2016 with an idea and a hand-drawn concept for a logo. With that, the first comp for the new brand was developed.

With its launch in early 2019, Dual-Shave’s unique patent pending and FDA-cleared products took the shaving industry by storm with 5D Spectrum driving the creative and social strategy.

This website is built on the robust MIVA eCommerce platform. Features include a mobile-first friendly design with robust 3rd party integrations including:

  • Shipstation
  • Quickbooks
  • Fulfillment
  • Amazon Marketplace
  • Instagram Shopping
  • Google Shopping

5D Spectrum created a 360° content strategy to showcase the benefits of Dual-Shave’s patent-pending formulation while introducing the new brand to the world. A notable social media presence was implemented by determining the best platforms for each audience and consistently delivering content through managed profiles.

5D Spectrum created a digital strategy that makes shopping for Dual-Shave simple where ever customers like to shop. Instagram Shopping creates a 2-step process to order product right from Instagram to the website, streamlining the shopping experience. Shopping Campaigns on Instagram provide an easy way to reach highly targeted audiences.

IGTV allows 5D Spectrum to publish video stories that appeal to the GenX and Millennial audiences. This video format allows us to focus on the benefits of the 2 in 1 formulation using branded messaging slates to tell the story with live video and still images integrated into the timeline. Dual-Shave influencers also utilize the IGTV format to promote Dual-Shave to their own followers.




  • identity package
  • package design
  • UI/UX design
  • eCommerce
  • content strategy
  • copywriting
  • social channel management
  • SEO strategy & optimization
  • photography
  • video production
  • reporting & analysis


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