B2G Manufacturing

Econolite needed a fresh new look to streamline its product offerings across its multi-site presence. Using the WordPress MU multi-site platform, the Econolite team is able to ‘publish once’ and ‘broadcast’ posts and pages to other subsites with the click of a button.

A custom page-builder allows the administrators to add new pages that meet the specific needs while staying on brand.

An integrated knowledgebase allows Econolite to manage a high volume of supporting documents including manuals, whitepapers, and brochures for each product in a highly organized, and easy-to-use admin interface. On the front end – a hinted search feature allows users to quickly find the documents they are looking for. Product-specific documents are tagged to feed automatically into the appropriate product page on the site.

The Econolite Canada site supports Multi-language for English and French using the WPML extension. The translation tools on the back end allow Econolite to choose what pages to translate. The language switcher on the front-end allows users to easily toggle back and forth between the two languages.

Econolite’s Learn Center is integrated with an LMS for employee training and customer workshops.



  • web Ul/UX design
  • custom WordPress page-builder
  • LMS integration
  • MU multi-site
  • WPML multi-language
  • knowledgebase/document management system
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