5D Spectrum launches Encounter Reconciliation System for Diversified Data Design Corp.

North Hollywood design and development firm collaborates to revolutionize functionality of website

August 1, 2006 (North Hollywood, CA) 5D Spectrum (formerly known as Formula), a full service design and development firm, has completed the first and second stages of a long-term, multi-phase design and programming project with Diversified Data Design Corp (DDD). DDD is a leading provider of data management services to the insurance industry. DDD currently captures encounter data from more than 2,700 medical groups, hospitals, IPA and other provider organizations. Their health plan participants include every major insurer including Blue Shield of California, Aetna, Health Net, WellPoint Health Networks and PacifiCare, to name but a few.

5D Spectrum’s initial assignment was the launch of DDD’s first public website (www.dddcorp.com) in early 2003. The launch of the site was followed by the collaborative development of a P4P IT Measure Survey tool which uses Active PDF technology to generate a nicely formatted PDF for the submission process. The initial phase of automating DDD’s core business was the launch of WUS (Web Upload System) so that DDD’s customers could upload and validate their encounter data through a secure web application. The second phase was the development of ERS (Encounter Reconciliation System) which gives customers accurate reporting and correction tools for their submitted encounter data. All phases of the design and installation of new services should be complete in mid-2007.,

Initial Phase
The initial phase of the collaboration between DDD and 5D Spectrum began with the collaborative rethinking of the DDD website (www.dddcorp.com) to support ERS. The team included De Eldridge, and Concetta Halstead of 5D Spectrum, and DDD’s Horace J. Clark III, President, Noelle Porter, MBA, Operations, Carlos Gomez, Systems, Dennis Degner, Chief Technologist, Janice Jones, Project Manager and Greg Denton, Marketing Director. Concetta Halstead led the design efforts on the web site project. “This design project became more and more exciting as we saw what could be done with the site not just from the design, but from the programming point of view. We expanded our role in a very natural way, by offering our programming services to fully support the ERS project. The DDD team is very forward thinking in the way that they have built their services. Our goal, was to take the design of the site to a place that supported their service and the individuals who use it every day.”

Second Phase
Ivett, 5D Spectrum partner and lead developer on the project commented “As we began to work on the ERS design phase, we understood the complexity of data management and programming that would be beneficial to the system, overall. Because we started with the planning and functional design of ERS, it quickly became clear to me that 5D Spectrum could do a lot more for DDD. After evaluation of our capabilities and several meetings which included Steve Conley (5D Spectrum’s lead engineer), DDD awarded 5D Spectrum the task of programming ERS in addition to designing the interface.” 5D Spectrum worked closely with the DDD team to continue the evolution of their data management existing system, already a recognized standard in the industry, into a web-based application. The new system is an even more revolutionary data management system that enables insurers to gather information from providers with security and speed. DDD captures, translates, enhances, edits, validates, reports and warehouses data for its member organizations.

5D Spectrum built ERS to extend the capabilities of DDD’s existing system, EMS (Encounter Monitoring System), by developing comprehensive reporting tools, search and filter options and error correction options to allow users to better monitor and manage their valuable encounter data. The system identifies and aids in the rectification of errors in an easy-to-use interface. With EMS & ERS working together, errors are immediately flagged for correction and in some cases automatically corrected for it’s customers.

Eldridge continues, “ERS is designed to manage 100,000,000 encounters, a number that is increasing at a rate of over 2 million per month. What our team did with DDD was to support DDD’s existing services by building a web-based software solution that handles the high volume of data efficiently and accurately.”

In addition to Eldridge and Halstead, 5D Spectrum team leader contributing to the project was Steve Conley, Lead Engineer.

About 5D Spectrum
5D Spectrum (formerly known as Formula) is a full-service design firm based in Los Angeles. Founded in 2004 by De Ivett and Concetta Halstead, the firm is dedicated to creatively solving problems for clients in a wide variety of industries including entertainment, insurance, hospitality, and games. With more than 25 years of design and technology experience between them, Eldridge and Halstead have built an experienced and creative team of designers, artists, and programmers. Their depth of experience includes award-winning work in print, DVD, multimedia, broadcast and web-based projects.

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About: De Ivett

With over 25 years in advertising, graphic design, interactive media, software development and programming, De brings her creative and technical talents to lead the 5D Spectrum team. A well-respected voice in the industry, she has served as a technology and branding panelist for several industry conferences including Digital Hollywood.

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