Hicok Financial Solutions uses video to explain complex money matters!

5D Branding - Hicok Financial Solutions

With YouTube ranking as the number 2 search engine after Google, it’s no surprise that this smart firm is using video to raise awareness about financial matters while keeping its marketing strategy focused on the format that is taking over the internet: video! 5D Spectrum worked with founder David Hicok to develop scripts and produce video content to help educate their customers in areas of debt management, investments, family legacy, retirement, and insurance. Here is an example of our work:

Hicok Financial Solutions, helps their customers to achieve financial freedom by providing the right guidance and tools. They provide the financial insights, education, and strategies that can help you create and enjoy a life beyond your wildest dreams. To find out more about David Hicok or Hicok Financial Solutions visit his new website: www.hicokfinancial.com

To see the rebranding project details – check out our portfolio!

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