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Package Safety

5D Software Recommendation for eCommerce businesses. When we see a service that we like – we share it with you. This solution is a win-win for merchants and customers.

Route Package Protection

Route is a Package Protection and Tracking service that you can offer to your customers to help boost profits and minimize shipping losses. It is a seamless integration for most eCommerce shopping carts including MIVA, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more. It offers your customers anti-theft and anti-damage protection after the order leaves your warehouse, and a best-in-class tracking experience that keeps your customers notified every step of the way.

With package protection at checkout, customers can protect any order so shipping issues don’t impact your bottom line.

Here is how Route’s Package Protection works:

When your customer is on the checkout page they will see a toggle to activate Package Protection.

They will also see that this option offers 100% Carbon-Neutral Shipping – allowing customers to feel good about their purchase’s effect on the environment.

How do they offer carbon-neutral shipping?

Route has partnered with GreenPlaces to fund certified carbon offset projects. GreenPlaces is an all-in-one sustainability platform that sources shares of carbon offsetting projects around the world. This enables Route to neutralize shipping emissions for each order that is placed—for example, Fond Du Lac Band Forest Carbon Project. Located in Minnesota, this project aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 1,264,393 tonnes by protecting native lands and natural resources. This project increases forest carbon stocks by nourishing important tree species and maintaining biodiversity in the area.

Why should you offer carbon-neutral shipping?

Because 92% of customers are more likely to trust brands that support environmental causes.

Route Tracking

The second part of this service is Package Tracking which keeps your customers informed of their package delivery status. For merchants, this is a great way to minimize the number one customer support issue for eCommerce businesses: “Where is my order?”.

Merchants can lower your customer support costs by giving customers the updates they crave anytime, anywhere – via email, web, push notifications, and SMS.

What happens when a package is lost, stolen, or damaged?

With Route’s cutting-edge technology, customers can self-resolve shipping issues in seconds.

Here’s how Route’s Resolve works:

If there’s an issue with a delivery, the customer can file a claim to Route, and Route will automatically replace the order by purchasing another one on behalf of the customer. If the item is no longer available, Route will guide the customer to select a comparable replacement. Route supports parcel and freight carriers and insures up to $5000 in cart value. 

Benefits for Merchants

  • Decrease in “where is my order” tickets by 50%
  • Decrease in cart abandonment by 5-7%
  • Eliminates expense dealing with replacement packages
  • Eliminates the need to communicate with carriers 

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