AlphaNetworks – the Future of Media on the Blockchain

alpha networks website animation

5D Spectrum joined the AlphaNetworks marketing team to collaborate on development of the pitch deck, website and other printed materials needed to get the show on the road!

AlphaNetworks is a Blockchain-based platform for the future of TV and video networks, powered by IBM. The next era of media built on blockchain technology allows for:

  • Transparent economics
  • Fair and efficient payments
  • Micro transactions
  • Tiered subscriptions
  • Reduced Piracy
  • New forms of programming
  • New voices
  • Decentralized news

AlphaNetworks is a revolutionary blockchain-powered SaaS platform providing the “rails” for new and existing video networks and influencers.

The architecture combines components of the subscription VOD, online video, and premium cable models to create hyper-efficient recommendations and increased payouts.

Built in partnership with IBM and Watson AI around a deep set of proprietary APIs and predictive analytics, Alpha Networks powers an agile, diverse, more transparent media ecosystem.

Take a peek at AlphaNetworks branding in our portfolio.

About: De Ivett

With over 25 years in advertising, graphic design, interactive media, software development and programming, De brings her creative and technical talents to lead the 5D Spectrum team. A well-respected voice in the industry, she has served as a technology and branding panelist for several industry conferences including Digital Hollywood.

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