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Design is a challenging process when it comes to website development. There are so many things to consider. How will it function on mobile devices? How do we maintain the site’s Google Page Rank? What keywords should we use for SEO? How can we show beautiful product images without impacting our page performance? And the list goes on. 5D Spectrum designs with a purpose, considering all aspects.

5D Spectrum Restores the Vital Health of the Boku Superfood Website

The Project

Located in the heart of Ojai California, Boku Superfood is a family-run business dedicated to hand-crafting superfoods locally that fuel and nourish the body. The Boku Superfood and lifestyle products are sold almost exclusively on their online store — bokusuperfood.com.

5D Spectrum was engaged by Boku to help turn around their declining online sales. Fraught with functionality and design issues that were affecting eCommerce revenue and diminishing their subscriber base, Boku sought our help to improve upon the UI/UX experience with a re-brand to the website to better align with their core value. After a detailed technical evaluation, a full rebuild of the existing eCommerce platform was recommended and implemented. The net result of these efforts significantly boosted sales and allowed Boku to grow their subscriber base.

“The Boku project was a marquee example of the
5D team working lockstep to deliver an exceptional
product to a client under challenging conditions.
It was all hands on deck, and I couldn’t be more
proud of our team.”

~ Charles Morogiello, Dev Manager

boku home page

“The most conscientious and strategic marketing firm we’ve ever engaged. 5D are a team of industry leading experts that invested the time to fully immerse themselves in our business, before spending a dime on advertising. While fundamental, most digital marketing firms seem to hide behind clever sales pitches designed to simply “roll the dice” at your expense. We have never experienced this level of granular focus and dedication to collective success. And to top it off, De and her team are fun to work with!”

~ Reno Rolle, Boku Superfood

The Challenge

Scheduling a complete relaunch of Boku’s website with a short lead time on one of the most competitive milestones in business — Black Friday — was our first challenge.

We had to navigate through custom code, several WordPress sites and the Shopify backend to conduct a massive audit to assess the UI/UX experience and overall site performance. The custom hybrid platform was missing key manageable marketing features, causing admin frustration and excessive costs to maintain ongoing sales campaigns and promotions. The shopping platform had numerous malfunctions on the front end as well, leading to user confusion, particularly with Boku’s subscription options and the overly complicated checkout process.

Technically the site required a complete overhaul with new UI/UX and a rock-solid hybrid architecture.

The Solution

A website design is never just a visual solution. An improved identity, aligning with Boku’s positioning as a vibrant lifestyle brand, was only part of the equation. Information hierarchy and functionality were key to onsite marketing and the shopping experience.

We also created targeted messaging that underscored Boku’s core values and drove action. We developed a user-friendly custom hybrid theme on the WordPress and Shopify platforms, streamlining the shopping and ordering experience as well as creating a robust search functionality that included filters for finding recipes and blogs. The new UI/UX environment, combined with the improved shopping platform and implementation of loyalty and savings programs positioned Boku to increase traffic, sales, and their subscriber base.

To grow the business, SEO and SEM strategies combined with pay-per-click, email and social media marketing campaigns were also introduced as well as the redevelopment of the Blog and Recipe pages as onsite opportunities to cross-promote products and drive sales.

boku recipe and product page

The Impact

With a fully functioning website launching on the biggest sales day of the year, and the implementation of a collaborative marketing plan, Boku was poised for success. Within a few months after the Black Friday launch, they were seeing a positive ROI.

By March, the pay-per-click minimal spend generated over 3x in sales, resulting in an impressive 1:4 conversion rate. Sales increased by 350% year over year, and the average order increased by 6%. 5D Spectrum was proud to be instrumental in this great comeback for Boku.

boku aov
boku ppc
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Or to order vegan superfoods, visit boku.com

5D Spectrum Restores the Health of Boku Superfood
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