King Kong Production Vehicles Goes Mobile

King Kong Production Vehicles has some exciting new features build on a custom mobile responsive WordPress theme! The first thing you notice when visiting is that it’s not one website, but two. Using a global site switcher, 5D Spectrum made a clever use of the landing page to let potential King Kong customers know right away that, if they’re already renting a King Kong Production Vehicle, they can save money on other major production rental needs by bundling with their sister company, #setlife. The simple message centered on the page, “2 great companies – hire one – or hire both and save $”, drives home the win-win value: everyone saves precious time and the customer can save money.

king kong production vehicles - 360 tour

5D Spectrum rebuilt the mobile-friendly King Kong Production Vehicles website featuring sharp visual menus, beautiful photos, schematics, and specifications in one, clearly defined page view. Every trailer on the menu also includes a 360° virtual tour. Click through a panoramic photograph of each trailer to discover key features and amenities along the way.

Visit the King Kong Production Vehicles website here:

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