Parson’s Nose Theater Launched the New Season with a Brand New Look

Parson's Nose Theatre Redesigns Website

Within Pasadena’s beloved Parson’s Nose Theater is the promise to present classic theatre, condensed to 90 minutes or less. The likes of Molière, Gogol, Shakespeare, and Dickens are adapted in a concise but accessible style. It’s a modern era ethos that invites a diverse audience, including children, to enjoy time-honored and classic comedic plays.

5D spectrum extrapolated this message of approachability with the update of their website. It needed to retain the multi-functionality of the existing site – introduce the ensemble, posting the season schedule, selling tickets, and accepting donations – while clearly conveying to current and prospective audiences exactly how Parson’s Nose Theater is a unique theater-going experience.

A key priority that 5D Spectrum leads with understanding the client’s industry and the standards set forth within it. In the theater community, it’s all about a feeling – the building excitement of a curtain just about to rise. 5D Spectrum used visually immersive production photography, past and present, that lend the feeling that you’re already there in a velvet seat, beholding the stage.

Visually appealing and easy to navigate, 5D Spectrum created in the new website a destination for theater lovers, old and new – a sort of annex of the venue itself. Producing Artistic Director Lance Davis’ blog posts serve as insight into the plays and their authors, sometimes offering backstory on why they choose to present a particular work. The gorgeous, ivy-enveloped theatre entrance pictured on the home page evokes the romance of another place and time and is truly inviting. Like the plays presented within, Parson’s Nose Theater allows the audience to escape into a different world; as what’s often the first portal of engagement. Their website now represents that experience as well.

To see more details on this rebranding project visit our portfolio.

About: De Ivett

With over 25 years in advertising, graphic design, interactive media, software development and programming, De brings her creative and technical talents to lead the 5D Spectrum team. A well-respected voice in the industry, she has served as a technology and branding panelist for several industry conferences including Digital Hollywood.

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