5D Spectrum Supports Simpler Life’s Ukrainian Relief Fund – You can help too!

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Simpler Life is helping Ukrainian Families with Disaster Relief kits for displaced families in need. By supporting Simpler Life’s Ukrainian Relief Fund, you can help too!

As experts in survival and disaster preparedness, the team at Simpler Life Emergency Provisions feels called to provide support to Ukrainian families in need of evacuation support and survival resources. The Simpler Life Team is actively building Refugee Kits to send to families seeking refuge from the invasion of Ukraine. By March 20, more than ten million people—approximately one-quarter of Ukraine’s population—had left their homes. According to UNICEF, more than half of all children in Ukraine had been forced to leave their homes by the 24th of March, 2022. The good news is that EU countries bordering Ukraine have allowed entry to all people fleeing the war regardless of whether or not they have a biometric passport, but they need help on their journey.

Simpler Life Emergency Provisions has been building custom emergency family kits for 40 years. Several of their clients are global relief organizations who’ve recently entrusted them with providing these customized medical kits for ongoing humanitarian relief and evacuation efforts in Ukraine. For $300,  Simpler Life’s Ukrainian Relief Fund provides a custom Refugee Kit that can sustain a 4-person family for several days. Each kit includes about 150 items such as food, water, warmth, first-aid, toiletries and personal hygiene supplies. Everything in the Refugee Kit is packaged conveniently in a 30-pound rugged backpack. 

Simpler Life is a new client to 5D Spectrum and we can see no better way to announce the launch of their new website than by supporting their humanitarian campaign. Since the requests for help are increasing quickly, we’re reaching out to you for your support. By supporting Simpler Life’s Ukrainian Relief Fund, you’ll be giving us the resources we need to provide much-needed assistance for these families.  You can make donations through https://gofund.me/5df0949e. Every dollar goes into providing humanitarian relief to families in Ukraine.

For more information, call Simpler Life at 1-800-266-PREP to chat with an emergency supply expert or visit them online at SimplerLife.com.

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About the Simpler Life Website

Simpler Life provides medical/evacuation kits of all sizes, from 2-patient kits to 50-patient kits, which are designed by medical professionals, conveniently packaged to be waterproof and easily transported. The kits can be customized for any emergency needs. 5D Spectrum rebuilt this website on the MIVA eCommerce platform to make the kit ordering process simpler with configurable options and streamlined workflow from the site to accounting, fulfillment, shipping and customer service.

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