The Increasing Value of Consumer Reviews for B2B

The Increasing Value of Consumer Reviews for B2B

Lessons from B2C

Just as we are accustomed to reading consumer reviews in our personal lives before making a purchase or signing up for a new service, B2B clients often use reviews as research into your business practices and trustworthiness before engaging with you. Consumer reviews are viewed in a similar light as client case studies and are considered to be more credible than other types of content.

Strengthen your SEO

Google reviews are especially visible in Google search results.  They serve as an SEO ranking signal, helping to raise the position of your company profile in searches. Consider hosting reviews on your company website as well. Clients will appreciate the ease of posting a review there while the content will show that you value their feedback and are open to objective insights into your company. The “fresh” content will also help your SEO strategy.

Reviews can also serve as a way to strengthen your employer brand when you encourage employees to post reviews.  Job and recruitment sites now provide places to post reviews written by past and current employees.

What if the reviews are negative?

The idea of all of this content being freely posted about your company without your control may seem scary and unpredictable. But it will serve as valuable insight for you as well as giving you a variety of opportunities to connect with your constituents, whether they are vendors, partners, clients or employees.

There’s no need to shy away from or ignore a negative review.  They provide the perfect platform for potential B2B prospects to see how you respond. This can create a lasting impression of your Company Values and leadership.  Wise companies will use negative reviews to understand how their brand is perceived and determine what needs improvement.

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