Why Adding Video is so Important to Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

video marketing strategy

There was a time when the idea of creating quality video content for branding was considered a luxury or a “nice-to-have.” Today, nearly every brand with a presence on social media is developing their video marketing strategy or has already implemented one.  Videos shared on social media have higher engagement rates than traditional text content. That increased engagement can turn into a lasting impression and a memorable connection between you and your audience.

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According to Marketing Charts, by 2021, the average daily minutes spent watching online video will reach 100 minutes. With today’s audiences drawn to visual information over text content and devices being designed to view high quality video, there’s no better time than now to launch your own video marketing strategy.

Audiences have a healthy appetite for video content and the data proves that video marketing is now a “must-have.” Forbes recently shared that 3 out of 4 executives watch work-related videos every week and more than half prefer to watch a video on a topic rather than reading about it. Data from HubSpot reveals that more than 50% of customers want to see videos from brands.

Improve your Ranking

Google considers social media networks quality sources of content so one objective for your branded video content is for viewers to find it interesting enough to share. Every time your video is shared on social media, it builds links for Google to index which will increase your off-page SEO rank. Your video content will also appear higher in a Google search than standard text content.

Regularly reviewing the data that video content generates will help you to understand your audience’s preferences and make quick adjustments to improve your campaign if needed.

Develop a Content Plan

When considering what types of video content to create, keep in mind that the goal is to tell your story and to promote your services or products. While the most popular video content is tutorials, here are other content categories to consider:

  • Shared content from employees and customers
  • Events
  • Company culture
  • Trainings or workshops
  • Behind-the-scenes or “pull back the curtain”
  • Product features and explainer videos
Jackie Kibler EOS Implementer
Jackie-Kibler – Professional EOS Implementer®

Live Streaming

We are often asked about whether or not to include livestreams.  With Facebook, Instagram and now LinkedIn offering a livestream feature, it is very easy to do.  We recommend utilizing the livestream for clients who have a very large social following or who already have regular interactions with their audiences on those platforms.

Outsource Production

While creating video content today seems like a simple “point and shoot” task, taking the time to thoughtfully prepare your content and investing in quality production will go a long way to improving your brand image. Consider outsourcing your video production. An experienced production team will help you to structure your content, ensure that it is viewable on desktop and mobile, properly stage and light it, and give you direction so that your videos will be something that you can feel proud of.

Hicok Financial Solutions
Hicok Financial Solutions – Scripted Series for Web Campaign

Are you ready to tell your brand story with video?  5D Spectrum offers a full suite of Scripted and Docustyle video production for B2B, B2C, Direct to Consumer and for Social Media marketing. Our team can tell your story across a broad range of platforms as part of your marketing strategy. Check out some of the video content we have created for our clients. Have questions about how to get started? Get in touch with us, we’d like to hear your story.

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