Pinewood Pro


Pinewood Pro engaged 5D Spectrum in a complete overhaul of its hybrid website. The original website had integrations with custom HTML and PHP product landing pages that were used for SEO, outside of the MIVA eCommerce platform in addition to a WordPress install for managing the many photo galleries. 5D pulled all the content together into a new hybrid site using the latest MIVA software + an integrated WordPress site to provide gallery and customer support functionality.

The HTML and PHP pages were integrated into MIVE using the Instapages module for easy CMS management through the MIVA platform.

The number one priority for the client was SEO and google rank preservation and overall performance. New new design was rich with fun graphics and brand new functionality: the Car Designer and Speed simulator to help kids build the fastest winning pinewood derby cars ever. This new feature allows customers to shop for all the parts needed to build a fast car in a fun interactive way. This new robust shopping tool increased the average order value (AOV) by 7% immediately after the initial launch.


Pinewood Pro


  • UI/UX
  • content migration
  • SEO recommendations
  • custom hybrid theme MIVA/Wordpress
  • content optimization
  • Shopper Approved integration



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