Punk-O-Rama DVD

DVD Collection

Featuring original artwork from CA local artist “the Pizz”, 5D Spectrum created this new branding for the Vol. 1 Punk-O-Rama DVD collection. Custom 3D animated theater doors open to the animated menus simulating a hand-held motion experience. Designed to be the opener for the entire collection, this animation sets the tone for a punk rock experience! Once inside the Punk-O-Rama theater, 5.1 audio design surrounds the audience for a captivating interactive adventure.

The quintessential Epitaph punk rock DVD features 22 videos from nearly ALL early Epitaph/Hellcat/Burning Heart bands and special features like “The Epitaph Story,” “The Bouncing Souls Live,” and “Behind the scenes at the Pennywise ‘Fuck Authority’ video shoot,” is a little piece of punk rock history!

“I can only tell you that this DVD is a must-have for anyone who is interested in knowing everything that Epitaph represents.”
~ excerpt from punkupdates.com

Punk-O-Rama DVD


  • package design
  • 3D animation intro
  • motion menus
  • 5.1 audio design
  • dvd authoring


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