How Tech Inventions are Leading Incumbent Industries to Disruption

Guest post by Artur Meyster

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Today’s tech inventions are changing the world as we see it. As they are reinventing the way leading companies operate, a whole new market has been created. Workers are losing their jobs as their abilities are no longer required. In addition, employers have started to set higher demands.

For most employees, finding a way to get back on track can be difficult. As they don’t know how new technologies affect companies, they don’t know where to start. To give you an idea of the impact of new tech inventions, here’s a list of some emerging technologies leading incumbent industries to disruption.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence continues to gain ground every day, becoming indispensable for companies. As it can be used to provide machines with the ability to learn, it’s helping organizations take big strides. 

AI systems are now everywhere, and they are helping professionals provide the best results. For example, in the healthcare industry, AI-powered robots help surgeons save more lives and implement better practices. As they can analyze previous procedures, they can give surgeons instructions.

In 2015, medical error and misdiagnosing illness caused about 10 percent of all US deaths. Given that, AI has been used in healthcare to improve diagnostic processes. Companies like PathAI have developed machine learning solutions that assist pathologists in making accurate and rapid diagnoses, so patients can receive the right treatment on time and live the best life possible.

In the automotive industry, companies like Honda are using AI to enhance the driver experience. Honda’s HANA is a personal AI assistant that can read drivers’ emotions and adjust the temperature, music, and more in response. HANA allows drivers to make appointments as well as remember important dates.  

Other companies like Tesla have gone further and have provided drivers with self-driving features. Tesla’s cars no longer need humans to run. As they use machine learning algorithms to analyze inputs and objects in the environment, they can learn how to drive. In other words, Tesla is giving customers additional eyes on the road.

AI and machine learning have been implemented in other industries, like manufacturing. As they’re helping organizations reduce costs and increase productivity, they are causing manufacturing operators to lose their jobs.

To remain competitive, many workers have enrolled in coding bootcamps to learn Python skills. As it’s beginner-friendly and the perfect tool for AI, Python has become popular these days. Thinkful is a coding school that allows candidates to learn what they need in only 26 weeks with its data analytics flex course. The program is designed to fit your needs. Because the company wants you to succeed, you’ll learn advanced skills in statistics and data visualization.

Mobile Apps

Smartphones are becoming vital for our everyday lives, and mobile apps give us the power to control everything with only one device. Nowadays, mobile apps are helping companies to stay relevant and make customers feel engaged. In the retail industry, they’re providing customers with comfort as they no longer need to visit a physical store for shopping.

In the automotive industry, they allow drivers to schedule maintenance. In the case of Tesla’s cars, mobile apps are allowing drivers to sit and wait for the vehicle to arrive. Other companies like Samsung and Google have gone further. By allowing them to monitor and control everything in their homes, they’ve transformed the home improvement industry.

However, not everything about smart apps is great. As companies like Uber have developed mobile solutions for taxi services, traditional taxi companies are experiencing cuts in their income. Uber’s mobile app reduces waiting times and increases customer satisfaction. As it sends an alert to the nearest driver, users no longer need to wait more than 20 minutes for a cab to arrive.

To learn how to develop mobile apps, you can join General Assembly’s coding bootcamp. Their Android development course allows you to learn while building real mobile apps. During the course, you’ll get the right knowledge and skills to stand out in the market. Students can also build a portfolio to use during interviews. And as you’ll learn from experts in the field, getting hired will be no challenge. 


Drones are giving users a different perspective, and they are becoming the best tool for filmmakers. A few years ago, aerial footage could only be made by renting a helicopter and filming from the sky. But, thanks to drones, film companies have reduced costs and made aerial shots mainstream.  

In the retail industry, companies like Amazon are using drones for shipment purposes. As they can cross cities within minutes, Amazon is using them to make superfast deliveries. Amazon’s prime air services allow customers to buy products and receive them in less than one hour. Amazon began to make tests in Cambridge. The company now has development centers in Austria, France, Israel, and the US. 

Other companies like Walmart have been using drones to improve customer service. By using a mobile app, you can add items to a list. In-store drones will search for the items and will bring them to you right away. As a result, spending long hours in stores looking for products is no longer needed. Walmart has also been using drones for inventory management purposes. As they can place and scan items in high stacks, labor accidents have been reduced, and inventory counting has become less time-consuming. 

Cloud Computing 

Using the cloud has become very popular these days. As it can provide organizations with data security and accessibility, it’s giving companies what they need. Today, data is among the most valuable resources, and it’s allowing organizations to innovate the market. 

By using cloud services, physical infrastructure is no longer required. Given that, due to decreasing demand, traditional data storage companies have experienced cuts in income. 


In general, emerging technologies are becoming a need, and there’s no way back. By helping companies to create better products and services, they are making today’s world better. However, for those whose skills are becoming obsolete, the only solution is to adapt. After all, to be part of the next workforce, tech skills are now a must-have.

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