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Behind the Scenes shooting the Just a Kidney Promotional Video
Behind the scenes at our video shoot with Marc (kidney transplant recipient) and Shawna (Marc’s living kidney donor)

We are grateful for having had the opportunity to work with startup biz “Just a Kidney” to help guide them on their simple mission to connect Living Kidney Donors with Waitlisted Transplant Recipients through their Social App.

We wanted to take this moment to raise awareness in the world on how living kidney donors can save lives with a higher success rate and longer life for the recipient. We created this video for Just a Kidney in a documentary interview style to show the world how a living donor (Shawna) and transplant recipient (Marc) have set an example of kindness, sharing and gratitude just weeks after their surgery. You will also meet Just a Kidney founder (Marcelle) and her husband (Ed) who has been waiting for a kidney donor for over 4 years, and inspiration to launch this app.
Please watch this video so you can experience the humanitarian kindness of this living donor and her recipient.

Follow “Just a Kidney” on Instagram: @bealivingdonor

To find out more about Kidney Awareness and how you can help you can follow transplant recipient Marc Coronel on Instagram: @kidney_fighter or visit the National Kidney Foundation at

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